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Pottery Painting, Canvas Painting or Clay Parties

Birthday Parties

We provide the paint, brushes, ceramic pieces and  artistic direction! A minimum $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure time, date.. This deposit is applied to your balance on the day of the big event. All parties are charged a $25.00 party fee.  You may bring in any food or drink you would like.  You will have a party attendee to help you with your party.  The artists are checked in by our staff; directions and a teaching is given. The artists paint first, and then they like to get a snack.  After everyone paints and eats, the birthday song and cake may be celebrated! It’s fun and easy on moms and dads.

Children’s Pottery Painting Parties

1 1/2 hours long      10 person minium

 A personalized Birthday Plate is given to the honoree for booking his or her party with us.

 Party Shelves    $12.75 each    $16.75 each

Canvas Painting


This party is a 2 hour party for  11 artists Birthday Honoree Paints for Free!   At this party everyone paints a 9 x 14 canvas under
the direction of a teacher.  The painting idea is chosen by the birthday honoree.   Additional Painters 20.00 each

Hand Building with Clay

$20.00 per person

This party is a 2 hour party Minimum 10 guests – Maximum of 20 guests.  Each guest will hand build clay item.  You will have a
teacher directing the party.  And the honoree can choose the item: animal, picture frame, bowl, animal mask and lots more.

Grown-Up Parties

8 person minimum 2 hours. 

A La Cart
This paint party is 2 hours in length. Cost is $5.00 per person plus price of each ceramic piece. You may bring in any food and drink you would like.

Group Reservation

We just want to gather with a group of friends to come in and paint.  If not a party and not bringing foods and drinks, Posh Paint Pub waves the $5.00 per person fee.

Note: All party pieces are dipped in an over glaze and fired in our ovens. The plates, mugs etc. are food safe. The turn around to pick up your party box and distribute to your friends is 8 working days. We bag everything separately and call you when ready for pick up.


What Else to You Do?


  • Custom Hand Painted Platters
  • Signature Platters
  • Field Trips
  • After School Art Lessons
  • Owner/Illustrator Book For Sale
  • Summer Art Camp


Creative Fun For Everyone

Pottery Girl Scout Badge Parties!

- Build a custom piece from clay
- tour our kiln room and learn about the firing process
- Paint your clay item
- View a demonstration on the pottery wheel
- Glaze your item
- Leave here to be fired and return to pick up your masterpiece!

** 2 hour program
** $20 per child




Garden Clubs, Red Hat Society Groups, Clubs, Baby Showers, Youth groups, Team building, Sorority Groups, Bridal Showers, Ladies night out Groups, Corporate Parties, Field Trips, Date Night, Office Parties, Scouts, Church Groups, Holiday Parties, Family Reunions, Dinner Club Groups, Diva Women,  Mom’s Night Out, etc.


*Walk-ins Welcome


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