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We put the ART in pARTy! Birthday parties are so much fun at the Posh Paint Pub. You can choose between a canvas painting, pottery painting or clay hand building party. Canvas painting with friends is creative fun. The birthday girl/boy chooses their canvas painting idea.  We have a staff member teach and or help with the progress of their painting experience. The party guests take their masterpiece home at the end of the party. Pottery painting party at the Posh Paint Pub is an easy party for all ages. We have 5 pottery party shelves to choose from. We fire and bag your special pottery piece, party mom picks up and delivers. Clay hand building are pottery pieces you create out of clay. You can build anything from a pinch pot to a monkey plate. We have lots and lots of ideas. After creating your clay creation you and your party guests paint with low fire glazes. Posh Paint Pub then fires your creations, bags them and moms pick up to deliver.”