Pottery Painting Party

We provide the paint, brushes, ceramic pieces and artistic direction!  You may bring in any food or drink you would like.  You will have a party attendee to help you with your party. The guests are checked in by our staff; directions and a teaching is given. The artists paint first, and then they like to get a snack.  After everyone paints and eats, the birthday song and cake may be celebrated!
We will call you in 7-10 days to pick up your finished artwork! All of our parties are great for boy and girls.  This party is geared for ages 4 and up!

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Clay Party

What a fun hand building with clay party!  Great for ages 7 and up.  You may bring in any food or drink you would like.  We will fire your piece in our on-location kilns and call you in approximately 2 weeks when your clay masterpiece is completed.

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Canvas Party

Everyone’s an artist! Great for ages 5 and up! You may bring in any food or drink you would like.  The artists paint on their canvas’ to a certain point then we take a break.  During that time foods, snacks and cake can be served.  After everyone eats, the birthday song and cake celebrated the artists return to their canvas’ to finish their master pieces and put on their final touches.

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Art Camp

We are offering fun art lessons, pottery painting, canvas painting, and crafts at our Holiday camp this year!

Children will have fun learning about various art techniques from different artists throughout history. Campers will learn to draw, shade, or paint like the masters. Additionally, campers will have the opportunity to hand build with clay! We are offering 5 day camp sessions, 3 day sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and 2 day (Tuesday and Thursday)

We are also offering single day camp sessions, if a project needs to be completed you may bring in your child to complete the project on a day of your choosing if you will be joining us for just a single day.

Our Camp Director presents these various techniques through a method called “Teaching by Example.” This method of instruction makes it fun and easy for children to acquire skills to further express themselves through art by helping to build self esteem and foster creativity. Each day of camp at the Posh Paint Pub promises to be a creative and fun CAMP DAY!

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