School Field Trips

Save a Bus Fee we Come to You!

$ 5.00 per student

  • 4×4 Tile
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Christmas Tree
  • Reindeer
  • Flower Tile

Want a hand print and painted name and date?
Add  $0 .75

$6.00 per student

  • Small Cross
  • Flower Pot (Plain)
  • Fleur de lis
  • Small Picture Frame
  • Pumpkin

$ 8.00 per student

  • 2    4×4 tiles
  • 6×6 tile
  • Flower Pot  (with FDL)
  • Bud Vase
  • 2 Flat Ornaments
    (Gingerbread, Reindeer, Christmas Tree)
  • Mug
  • Large Christmas Bulb

Want a hand print and painted name and date?
Add  $0 .75

$ 10.00 per student

  •  Tile with Heart Hands
  • Turkey Hand Print
  • Christmas Tree Hand
  • Medium Cross
  • Animal Dish
  • Animal Figurine

Want a hand print and painted name and date?
Add  $0 .75

$ 12.00 per student

  • Salad Plate
  • Ice Cream Bowl
  • Tea Cup and Saucer

Summer School Field Trips

We can bring a fun activity to your school or church.  The campers paint on pottery items.  We arrive with pottery and supplies.  The campers paint and we bring the items back to our studio for firing.  If you choose a mug or plate or bowl you can eat or drink out of you beautifully created masterpieces.  If you would like hand painted names and date on items add $0.75.


Flower pots
Fleur de lis ornaments


6 x 6 Tiles


Medium Cross
Animal Figurine


Salad Plate
Tea Cup and Saucer


Creative Ways to Incorporate Field Trips with the Classroom

Teachers it’s easy, creative and fun to book us for a field trip! To schedule just call our studio (504) 835-4155 – please have a day and time in mind when you call. Then, we will arrive at your school with the pottery pieces, paint, brushes, instruction, ideas and fun. This is a great way to bring the activity to your school and save on a bus fee.

  • Holiday projects: Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • Behavior reward: do you have a wrist band program at your school? This is a great opportunity to reinforce positive behavior
  • Just for Fun: Children LOVE art and they LOVE to paint. Not all children will have the chance to visit our studio so bring the studio to them!
  • Educational: We provide instruction on ceramics, pottery and the processes of our products! Students will learn about the art of pottery and how mud becomes a beautiful piece of work.
  • Math Lessons: As a teacher, you have the opportunity to write a little Posh Paint fun into your lesson plans! Create a banking system to teach your students about saving money up for a special treat.
  • Science Lessons: Everyone needs a place to grow seeds! What could be more fitting than having us come to you and paint flower pots with your young scientists/farmers? Prepare your students days or weeks in advance by germinating your seeds so that “re-potting” can occur shortly after our visit.
  • Reading Lessons: Talk with one of our staff members about how to utilize your class book or reading unit. Reading books on Clifford the Big Red Dog? We can bring dog banks that look like Clifford! Reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar? We have inchworms galore!

Need to get off campus? NO PROBLEM!

We also do field trips at the studio. Bring your learning experience to us – paint, take a tour of the studio and see the kilns. Our studio is located near a Burger King as well as TCBY and just mintues from Pontiff Park. Make a day out of your visit with us!